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Ethan Paisley



By 18, Ethan Paisley single-handedly reached international media success as a budding filmmaker during the emergence of his thirty-plus films and TV series. Paisley’s face has appeared in over 40 digital publications, multiple print covers, and graced the red carpet at events ranging from movie premieres to brand launches sponsored by corporations including Cartier, Lionsgate, and Monster Energy. His multiple films, TV, and new media projects have together accumulated over 5 million views. Paisley’s latest feature film Point 453 grossed four times the budget in top-viewing countries including Canada, Singapore, and Spain. He has given multiple talks on his niche for PR in the digital space at venues including TED-Ed and Cannes Lions 2018. Paisley currently holds brand deals with companies including DVD Netflix (A Netflix Company), Occhi Magazine, and recently USA Palm (clothing line). Public relations for artists is naturally part of his fabric as a creative film producer and is one of his many passions along with combating human trafficking, trail running, and high fashion.

Hannah Andrus



Hannah Andrus is currently a PR and communications major with a background in connecting, publicizing, and growing creative professionals. She has experience coordinating with press and distribution on feature film projects and has attended several film and media marketing events as a publicist, most recently the Marché du Film at the Cannes Film Festival. Together, Andrus and Paisley have served as promotion on numerous award-winning films and new media projects. Today she is proudly one of the founding members of Paisley Creative.